Travel Light and Be a Nonstop Newcomer

Howdy, my name is Colin Newcomer. I've been living and working abroad since 2014.

Colin Newcomer

Yup, you read that right. My last name really is Newcomer. As far as names go, I think I hit the traveler's jackpot.

In September 2014, I bought a plane ticket and headed out for 2.5 months in Southeast Asia to fulfill my destiny as a Newcomer. Somehow, those 2.5 months have stretched into 3 years and counting.

Unfortunately, I don't have a dramatic story of quitting my job, selling my possessions, and hitting the road. I've always been self-employed and I never much cared for accumulating things. But that doesn't mean I enjoy travel any less.

By day, I ply my trade (and pay my bills) as a freelance writer. By night, I share travel tips and gear on this site. Occasionally, I scrape up enough time to

Join me on my journey to learn just what this great big world has to offer.

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