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How This Expat Copes With Air Pollution in Hanoi

I love so many things about Hanoi. The beautiful lakes, amazing cafes, and yes, the cheap cost of living. But the main thing that holds me back from living here long term is the pollution. I hate the feeling that living here means slowly killing myself. And I hate that I have to check to […]

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Cost of Living in Vietnam: How Much Does it Cost to Live in Hanoi, Vietnam?

Cost of Living in Hanoi, Vietnam

Wondering about the cost of living in Vietnam? I’m guessing you’ve heard a bit about how cheap it is to live here. But just how cheap is cheap? I mean, if you live in San Francisco, everywhere is cheap in comparison. I think I can help provide some context… See, as someone who’s grown up […]

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Which Taxi in Hanoi? Avoid Taxi Scams by Choosing These Companies

Which Taxi Hanoi is Safe

A major concern for most travelers in Vietnam is avoiding falling prey to taxi scams. Guide books constantly warn about it and, while it’s not as bad as it once was, it is still something that happens fairly regularly…if you’re not careful. But if you stick with the major taxi companies in Hanoi, you should […]

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